Corner Closing Paste by CMI Moulding
Made in Texas

Corner Closing Paste

Premier Corner & Nail Filler

  • Create a 'Closed' corner look to your frames
  • Great for frame repairs
  • Water clean-up
  • Fast, easy, and dries in minutes
  • Resists cracking & smudging
  • Also works on polystyrene moulding
  • Affordable and long lasting (over 1000 corners per 150ml tube!)
  • Our 3 base colors - Black, Brown, and White will match 90% of your moulding!

How to Use



Always choose the CCPaste color that is a darker tone than your frame

Keep threads of tube and cap clean

May mix CCPaste to make other tones: 

Black + White = grays for silver frames

Brown + Black = dark brown for darker wood frames

Brown + White = light brown for golds

White + any Golden Fluid Acrylic paint colors = 100's of tones 



Don't over-fill corners (a little goes a long way!)

Can use rubber finger cots to keep fingertips clean

May use our tool kit to help apply paste into corners.

Avoid CCPaste on rough woods, raw woods, barn woods, or mouldings that are 

  not sealed properly. CCPaste does not work on metal frames. 

May use on polystyrene and vinyl wrapped woods. 



Wipe gently with moist paper towel before CCPaste dries. (don't over wipe)

Ornate frames with thick application may require longer dry time. The blue shop towels works best for me. (I wash and reuse them until they fall apart)

If you over applied CCPaste and it dries at a different tone, you may use a soft toothbrush, moistened

with water or glass cleaner (I love glass cleaner, I will use it for everything), and gently scrub corner until desired look is achieved.

CC Paste on Black Frames

Using CC Paste to fill corner gaps on black frames.

CC Paste on White Frames

How to use CC Paste on white frames

CC Paste on Gold Frames

Which CC Paste to use on a variety of gold tone frames

CC Paste on Ornate Frames Part 1

How to mix acrylic colors with CC Paste to fill gaps in ornate frame corners

Ornate Frames Part 2

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